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Independent Weight Loss: Do it yourself with our online products, our films and our books. The products in our store give you more nutrition for fewer calories, and are worth their weight in gold when it comes to what they can save you in health care costs by sparing you the wear and tear on your body of extra poundage. Our book contains information about inexpensive ways to use regular foods for weight loss as well as the faster ways of doing it with concentrated food sources. Sign up here for a free copy of our ebook and our inspirational newsletter. Sign up here for a free copy of our ebook and our inspirational newsletter. Sign up here –>

Weight Loss with Guidance: We work from the inside out when everyone else is working from the outside in. Personal help from your own Professional Weight Loss Teacher starts at only $300/mo. Sign up here for a complimentary consultation –>

Our Permanent Guarantee Is Simple. We guarantee your weight loss will be permanent, but the guarantee is from you to us, not from us to you. Your guarantee is that you will use our tools and expertise. If you use our tools and expertise, your weight loss is permanent. So is the appearance of your dreams. If you breach our tools and techniques, you have violated your guarantee to yourself.

About Our Book

About our Book

Find out more about why readers everywhere are experiencing life-changing results.

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Weight Loss Solutions has been published on over 200 sites including the Miami Herald and Boston Globe.

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“First week of the 5 week cleanse for me, following this book by Maggie Schlesinger. I have lost 5 pounds, but that is not the reason this is so amazing. I am feeling energetic and balanced. She has researched the food supplements extensively and gives a link to best ones to purchase(not MLM). When the cleanse is finished this is something I can easily live with as an eating lifestyle change. If you are low on energy and don’t feel at your peak, do yourself a favor and check this out.”

Morgana Starr

“I have learned through the years that choosing the right food is key to my health and well-being… and key to staying at a weight level that works for me. And it can be a complicated matter with all the different information, products and services out there. I know that the authors have worked very hard to get to us the most effective and accurate information through trial and error — this is a mastery that can only come from deep experience. If you want health, aliveness, wealth and vitality, I highly recommend you pick up this great body of work!”

— Dame DC Cordova CEO, Excellerated Business School for Entrepreneurs® / Money & You®

“For optimal health, you must change your diet AND your thinking. This book will guide you as to how to do BOTH!”
— Berny Dohrmann CEO Space International Founder and CEO

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